Who we are

The UC is a group of undergraduate students elected to represent students from all of Harvard’s many houses and yards.  We bring all of our varied interests to the UC to create a council representative of Harvard’s incredibly diverse student body.

What we do

We listen to students and address their concerns. We connect the gap between students and administrators.  We support student groups and sponsor house life.  We encourage events on campus and improve student life. We are here for the students. We are here for you. We are the UC.

How to reach us

  • Contact your representatives
  • Come to our meetings (Sundays at 7 pm in Ticknor) – Open to all!
  • Message us directly



Juno what we’re up to?

Dear Compatriots,

Admittedly, thesaurus.com does not offer great alternatives to “comrades,” but we’re testing out options. We’re sad to see that our very own Napoleon + First General have been exiled to Kirkland and Currier, but in this new year we will continue to march forward.

Marching Penguin

Except, marching through 30 inches of snow isn’t the most graceful endeavor for today’s work. Like you, we would much rather march up to the hot cocoa machine in the dhall and fill up our cup with mini marshmallows. While we can’t take credit for this snow day–shoutout to our main man Gov. Baker–we can’t deny the power of the inside out pajama trick.

Some trick, some treat, but never a defeat, last year was eventful to say the least. Dean Khurana often spoke about students taking an agentic perspective, encouraging us to be agents of change and not passive bystanders. While it is tough to mobilize 6700 “secret agents,” you showed that we can all be cultural agents of change (A&I 13, M 3-5 pm, Fall semester).

You held a die-in at Memorial Church to symbolize that black lives matter. You came together as a community and supported one another when some students received emails with racially charged death threats. You made it clear that health comes first, and now Stillman will still be open when a Saturday night out goes awry. And let’s not forget: you came, you saw, and you conquered the bulldogs at The Game.

So what does the UC have in store for you this Spring? We really can’t guarantee a holiday on Wednesday, but…

  • Apps- the student life package!- not the summer deadline kind, and not what you’d eat before dinner. Coming to a mobile device near you, we’re bringing 1) a new Harvard app, specifically for undergrads, and 2) a comprehensive*, customizable calendar.
    *filter for events with free food, HoCo-sponsored events, and the list goes on…
  • Something Social- Last year, we bey all night with the Beyonce Dance. This time, it’s your call: Reply to this email telling us if you want a dance or something new, think creatively.
  • Kicking Gender in the Butt – A HeForShe campaign, because Emma Watson thinks being a leader shouldn’t be dependent on x,y,or z chromosomes.
  • And more! Visit our updated Projects page and track ALL current projects and initiatives that the UC is working on!

Consider the above an abridged version, because that is surely not the entire plan. We still need your ideas, your concerns, and your voice. We are super excited to work with U to make this year an absolutely incredible one.

But for now, we have one serious question: Do you want to build a snowman?


Ava & Dhruv

Ava Nasrollahzadeh, UC President
anasrollahzadeh@college.harvard.edu, 248-496-5231
Dhruv Goyal, UC Vice-President
dhruvgoyal@college.harvard.edu, 857-928-6926

uc.fas.harvard.edu | facebook.com/harvarduc | @HarvardUC

Ice Rink Opening

Ice Rink Opening!

On Tuesday, January 27, the Harvard Ice Rink will be opening at noon. Stop by before or after class to snack on some s’mores and hot chocolate! Stay a little while and watch the  2012 Skate America silver medalist Christina Gao as well as other talented figure skaters (did we mention Dean Dingman and Stephanie Khurana would be making a cameo?). There will be free skate rentals also available for the event, so don’t be shy and get on the ice.

***Sponsored by Harvard Common Spaces and Harvard Skate For more information on specific event times, special events, and the Food Truck schedule, log on to www.commonspaces.harvard.edu.