Who we are

The UC is a group of undergraduate students elected to represent students from all of Harvard’s many houses and yards.  We bring all of our varied interests to the UC to create a council representative of Harvard’s incredibly diverse student body.

What we do

We listen to students and address their concerns. We connect the gap between students and administrators.  We support student groups and sponsor house life.  We encourage events on campus and improve student life. We are here for the students. We are here for you. We are the UC.

How to reach us

  • Contact your representatives
  • Come to our meetings (Sundays at 7 pm in Ticknor) – Open to all!
  • Message us directly



Help Name the New Harvard Mobile App!

The Undergraduate Council is about to launch a brand new app, and we want YOUR help in naming it!  Vote now!!!  We’ll even let you write in an idea if you have something better than the options listed.

As you might have noticed, the Harvard app takes a long time to load and it is cluttered with information that undergrads rarely use. When, after all, was the last time that you needed information about admissions or the University’s fundraising campaign?

This new app will offer a one stop shop for undergrads. You’ll be able to get exactly what you need quickly and easily.

But we still need a name. And that’s where you come in!

Vote here!!!

Join the Side by Side Launch on March 2nd (with Miss America!)

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Side by Side: A Gender Solidarity Movement​

Nina Davuluri, MISS AMERICA 2014
Stephen Lassonde, Dean of Student Life
Christine Quinn, Former Speaker of NYC Council
Van Bailey, Director of the Office of BGLTQ Student Life
Hugo Van Vuuren, Co-Founder of Xfund and Expert in Residence at SEAS
Martha Coakley, former Attorney General of Massachusetts

Side by Side_Updated Cover Photo

Monday,​ March 2nd at 6pm in Science Center D

Join us as we launch Side by Side, a campus-wide gender solidarity movement.

Harvard’s Side by Side movement aims to promote awareness of and action against gender-based discrimination on campus. Our goal is to promote a safe and inclusive environment for all gender identities in a spirit of allyship.

Come to our launch event and join the conversation with our celebrity panel as we hear personal stories and discuss intersectionality and why broader allyship is needed in the discussion around gender discrimination. You will also hear more about the student-led movement and how you can engage with us!

Monday​,​ March 2nd at 6pm in Science Center D
Reception and refreshments to follow.

We need YOU to help spark the discussion.
What could we achieve if we were all Side by Side?