Who we are

    The UC is a group of undergraduate students elected to represent students from all of Harvard’s many houses and yards.  We bring all of our varied interests to the UC to create a council representative of Harvard’s incredibly diverse student body.

    What we do

    We listen to students and address their concerns. We bridge the gap between students and administrators.  We support student groups and sponsor house life.  We encourage events on campus and improve student life. We are here for the students. We are here for you. We are the UC.

    How to reach us

    • Contact your representatives
    • Talk with us during Ghost Protocol
    • Come to our meetings (Sundays at 7 pm in Ticknor)
    • Message us directly



    Fall 2014 Election Timeline

    Elections Timeline

    UC Info Sessions/Q&A (x2): Sept. 7th (Sun in Ticknor Lounge at 7pm), Sept. 9th (Tues in Fong Auditorium at 7pm)

    You must attend at least one of these sessions.

    “How to Campaign” Info Session: Sept. 10th (Wed in the Women’s Center at 7pm)

    Recommended for all candidates.

    Declaration Period: Sept. 8th (Mon) – Sept. 12th (Fri)
    Declare by sending an email with your name, class year, dorm, campaign platform (no more than 150 words), and a photo of yourself to harvarducelections@gmail.com.
    Campaign Period: Sept. 15th (Mon at noon) – Sept. 19th (Fri at noon)
    Voting Period: Sept. 17th (Wed at noon) – Sept. 19th (Fri at noon)
    Results AnnouncedSept. 19th (Fri at 1pm)
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    The UC Wants YOU!

    Important Dates:

    September 5th- Activities Fair- Quad Lawn

    September 8th-Candidate Declarations Open

    September 10th- UC Campaigning 101- Women’s Center

    September 12th- Candidate Declarations Close

    Learn More at the Activities Fair on Friday, September 5th 4-7pm!

    UC Calendar