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Who we are

The UC is a group of undergraduate students elected to represent students from all of Harvard’s many houses and yards.  We bring all of our varied interests to the UC to create a council representative of Harvard’s incredibly diverse student body.

What we do

We listen to students and address their concerns. We bridge the gap between students and administrators.  We support student groups and sponsor house life.  We encourage events on campus and improve student life. We are here for the students. We are here for you. We are the UC.

How to reach us

  • Contact your representatives
  • Talk with us during Ghost Protocol
  • Come to our meetings (Sundays at 7 pm in Ticknor)
  • Message us directly



Summer Plans

School may be out, but that doesn’t mean we go into hibernation on the UC. In fact, summer is one of the best times for us to  reflect on what worked, and what didn’t during our first half as the 32nd council. Our Q guide gave us some food for thought, and we are feeling ready to strategize for a focused fall term. We are planning our large scale projects for the next school year, such as the relaunch of We the Crimson and tweaking some routine items (see note: voting portal).

Here’s a quick list of what’s up at the UC:

-2nd annual Food Truck Festival
-Planning new rep elections and leadership trainings
- Overhaul of voting portal to make it more user friendly
- We the Crimson relaunch
- Student group funding (250K)
- Alumni network
- Summer storage issues
- More ASL referendum follow-up
See anything missing on this list? Let us know! Email ucpres@fas.harvard.edu

Update: Teaching Survey

Remember when we asked how you felt about smaller section sizes and a 12 person cap? Well here’s what you had to say: Teaching Survey Results


Out of the total respondents…

1) >50% said sections of 9 or fewer people would be ideal

2) 70% said ideal Gen Ed section size is between 10-12 people

3) some of you felt very strongly, stating ” I ABHOR LAGE SECTIONS” (caps lock included!)

4) nearly 80% said smaller sections encourage them to participate

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