Student Life Committee

The Student Life Committee works closely with administrators to improve all aspects of students’ day-to-day residential life here on campus. SLC engages in a wide range of advocacy like more accessible mental health resources, increased sexual assault prevention measures, lowered laundry and printing costs, and the implementation of more water fountains.

Arnav Agrawal

SLC Chair

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Student Relations Committee

The Student Relations Committee works to ensure communication between the Council, student body, alumni, and public by operating media, as well as meeting with student leaders interested in collaborating with the UC. SRC coordinates and aids with publicity campaigns for projects like the Grant for an Open Harvard College, Omni, and Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

Victor Agbafe

SRC Chair

Interested in collaborating with the UC or have questions about publicity? Email Victor at

Student Initiatives Committee

The Student Initiatives Committee plans and coordinates student initiatives alongside student groups. This year, most of these have consisted of social events like the Food Market after the Cultural Rhythms performance, Haunted Hall, the Blank Party, Neighborhood Block Parties, and the Cabot Cafe Grand Opening. Upcoming events include Project H on April 22nd in Northwest Labs and pre-Yardfest Block Parties.

Alex Popovski

SIC Chair

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Education Committee

The Education Committee reaches beyond advocacy to effect real long term change in educational policy by working side by side with administrators and professors to produce initiatives like the Honor Council and make recommendations to shape the Gen Ed system. In addition to partnering with HBS and the Bok Center on exciting programs, EdCom is open to student feedback and initiatives.

Sruthi Palaniappan

EdCom Chair

Have proposals for education programs or policies on campus? Email Sruthi at

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee manages a $300,000 and distributes funding to on-campus student groups by processing grant applications and conducting interviews. FiCom regularly re-evaluates policies to ensure the most efficient and just allocation of student money.

Gevin Reynolds

FiCom Secretary

Have questions about UC grants? Email the Finance Committee Secretary, Gevin Reynolds, at

Freshman Class Committee

The Freshman Class Committee is specifically tailored to improving the experience of first-year students on campus through a mix of advocacy and events. Initiatives have included enhanced brain breaks, laundry in Matthews Hall, the implementation of printers in most freshman dorms, bike racks by Pennypacker, and the Freshman Health Project.

Adam Harper

FCC Chair

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Rules Committee

The Rules Committee deals with internal UC policy, on issues ranging from the UC Constitution, to statements released to the student body, to the UC’s general jurisdictions and powers. Recent projects include collaborations with Native Americans @ Harvard College to support Indigenous Peoples’ Day and with the OSL on recognition and funding policies regarding to student groups.

Evan Bonsall

Rules Chair

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