The Constitution

of the Harvard Undergraduate Council

As the representative student government of Harvard College, the Harvard Undergraduate Council operates under the authority of a Constitution and a set of Bylaws. From time to time, the Council passes constitutional amendments, and it is the responsibility of the Parliamentarian to type the changes into the Constitution so that the document stays up to date. Unfortunately, this duty has been neglected for the past few years, resulting in a document that is not up to date.

Below, you can view an edition of the Constitution that contains all amendments up to and including those from Fall 2013. The Rules Committee will work this semester to incorporate the last four semesters of amendments. In the interim period before this document is fully updated, current constitutional rules should be determined by 1) beginning with the document below and 2) adhering to amendments that have been passed within the past four semesters. Legislation (including constitutional amendments) will be added to this website within the next week.