UC History

The Beginning

Nearly 30 years ago, the Harvard Student Assembly wrote to the Faculty of Arts and Sciences:

“Student participation in College governance needs to be better coordinated and more directed. Harvard undergraduates need a representative student government to help accomplish these goals and to speak as a voice for student concerns. These needs can only be satisfied if the current system of College governance is reformed and if the revised structure includes a representative student government.”

In 1980, Dean of Harvard College John B. Fox, Jr. appointed the Committee to Review College Governance, charged with determining both the strengths and weaknesses of College governance, and considering reforms that might improve the quality of College life. Professor of Biology John Dowling chaired this committee. The full report can be viewed here.

Faculty legislation created the Harvard-Radcliffe Undergraduate Council in 1982. Its Constitution was ratified by a student referendum. The first Council had about 80 members, a Chair, and a Vice Chair.

The Undergraduate Council funded organizations with the student fee proceeds, planned social events, and sent representatives to student-faculty committees.

The Presidency & The Executive Committee

2017: Yasmin Sachee ’18 and Cameron Khansarinia ’18

2016: Shaiba Rather ’17 and Danny Banks ’17
2015: Ava Nazrollahzadeh ’16 and Dhruv Goyal ’16
2014: Gus Mayopoulos ’15 and Sietse Goffard ’15
2013: Tara Raghuveer ’14 and Jennifer Zhu ’14
2012: Danny Bicknell ’13 and Pratyusha Yalamanchi ’13
2011: Senan Ebrahim ’12 and Bonnie Cao ’12
2010: Johnny Bowman ’11 and Eric Hysen ’11
2009: Andrea Flores ’10 and Kia McLeod ’10
2008: Matt Sundquist ’09 and Randall Sarafa ’09
2007: Ryan Petersen ’08 and Matt Sundquist ’09
2006: John Haddock ’07 and Annie Riley ’07
2005: Matthew Glazer ’06 and Ian Nichols/Clay Capp ’06
2004: Matthew W. Mahan ’05 and Michael R. Blickstead ’05
2003: Rohit Chopra ’04 and Jessica Stannard-Friel ’04
2002: Sujean Lee ’03 and Anne Fernandez ’03
2001: Paul Gusmorino ’02 and Sujean Lee ’03
2000: Fentrice Driskell ’01 and John Burton ’01
1999: Noah Seton ’00 and Kamil Redmond ’00
1998: Beth Stewart ’99 and Samuel Cohen ’00
1997: Lamelle Rawlins ’99 and Mark Price ’98
1996: Robert Hyman ’98 and Lamelle Rawlins ’99

Executive Committee 2017

Student Life Committee Chair: Katie Wang ’20
Education Committee Chair: Sruthi Palaniappan ’20
Finance Committee Chair: Neel Mehta ’18
Student Relations Committee Chair: Victor Agbafe ’19
Student Initiatives Committee Chair: Alex Popovski ’19
Rules Committee Chair: Evan Bonsall ’19
Freshman Class Committee Chair: Catherine Zhang ’19
Student Faculty Committees Chair: Taylor Marquis ’18
Treasurer: Nicholas Boucher ’19
Secretary: Ruiqi He ’19
Parliamentarian: Michael Scherr ’20
Historian: Neha Reddy ’18

Executive Committee 2016

Student Life Committee Chair: Berkeley Brown ’18
Education Committee Chair: Scott Ely ’18
Finance Committee Chair: William Greenlaw ’17
Student Relations Committee Chair: Yasmin Sachee ’18
Student Initiatives Committee Chair: Maddy Stern ’18
Rules Committee Chair: Daniel Levine ’17
Freshman Class Committee Chair: Eduardo Gonzalez ’18
Student Faculty Committees Chair: Berkeley Brown ’18
Treasurer: Samarth Gupta ’18
Secretary: Anna Wechsler ’18
Parliamentarian: Cameron Khansarinia ’18

Executive Committee 2015

Student Life Committee Chair: Oliver Kim ’16
Education Committee Chair: Scott Ely ’18
Finance Committee Chair: Riya Patel ’17
Student Relations Committee Chair: William Oh ’18, then Yasmin Sachee ’18
Student Initiatives Committee Chair: Danny Banks ’17
Rules Committee Chair: Brett Biebelberg ’16
Student Faculty Committees Chair: Happy Yang ’17, then Berkeley Brown ’18
Treasurer: Meghamsh Kanuparthy ’16
Secretary: Yasmin Sachee ’18, then Anna Wechsler ’18
Parliamentarian: Jacob Steinberg-Otter ’16

Executive Committee 2014

Student Life Committee Chair: Oliver Kim ’16
Education Committee Chair: Dhruv Goyal ’16
Finance Committee Chair: Leah Singer ’16
Student Relations Committee Chair: Ava Nasrollahzadeh ’16
Student Initiatives Committee Chair: Tamara Fernando ’16
Rules Committee Chair: Brett Biebelberg ’16
Student Faculty Committees Chair: Happy Yang ’17
Treasurer: Meghamsh Kanuparthy ’16
Secretary: Stephen Turban ’17
Parliamentarian: William Oh ’18

Coffey-Rollert Award

Established in 1996 to honor the work of Former CCL Chair Rudd Coffey, and in 2001, the work of SAC Chair John Paul Rollert, this award goes to a Council senior who has performed outstanding work on the UC. The funding for this award was generously provided by UC alumnus John Paul Rollert, and the prize is awarded by the UC President each year. Past recipients include:

2015: Xi “C.C.” Gong
2014: Barr Yaron
2013: Nic Galat
2012: Sam Himel
2011: Brad Paraszczak
2010: Daniel V. Kroop
2009: Douglas R. Lloyd
2008: Brian S. Gillis and Jon Macmillan
2007: Geoffrey D. Kearney and Pamela C. Chan
2006: No recipient

2005: Laura C. Settlemyer
2004: Allison Rogers
2003: James C. Coleman
2002: Brian R. Smith
2001: Todd E. Plants
2000: Michael D. Shumsky
1999: Eric M. Nelson
1998: Mark A. Price
1997: Marco B. Simons