Yu-Mi Kim, Adams

This semester I'm interested in increasing the UC's accessibility and connectivity to with the student body through the student relations community, by consolidating current infrastructure for outreach to the student body, and improving our publicizing system.

Key Interests: Student Relations, Educational Equity

Jaron Zhou

My name is Jaron Zhou, and I currently represent the students of Oak Yard in the UC! This year, I'm heavily focused on achieving simple, common-sense improvements in daily life, such as installing water refill stations in every entryway, subsidizing laundry, and creating an online database of dorm and House floor plans. I plan to concentrate in Government at Harvard and I hope to attend law school in the future and become a statewide and federal public servant. In my free time, I enjoy studying electoral maps, swimming, and playing water polo, and creating custom Lego battleships.

 Key Interests: I'm extremely interested in improving mental health services, sexual assault prevention, finances/grants, increasing youth political involvement, business/marketing, public relations, soical outreach, and surveys/polls.

Rushi Patel

Hi! I'm Rushi, representing Quincy house. Last year, I started a summer storage subsidization program for SEF elgible students in houses that don't offer free storage; while the project was successful, we weren't able to fulfill the financial needs of even a quarter of the students. This year, I want to expand the program to make free summer storage in these houses a reality. Also, according to the results from a mental health climate survey I helped create last year, institutional mental health resources are very distant. I want to help personalize them so that students can better take advantage of them. 

Key Interests: Financial Accessibility, Mental Health, Inter-organizational Collaboration

Jenny Gan

My name is Jenny Gan and I am a proud member of Straus House! I am beyond excited to serve as Ivy Yard's UC representative and help improve the student experience at Harvard. This semester, I will serve on the Education Committee and push for improved freshman advising, more diversity in faculty hires, and a textbook exchange program at the College. For the freshman of Ivy Yard I hope to be a liaison to the administration to voice student concerns. You can find me at office hours in the Collaborative Commons in Smith Campus Centers on Sundays from 10AM to 12PM. Outside of UC and in my spare time, I like to run, do hot yoga, scrapbook, and travel!

Key Interests: Educational Equity, Advising, Freshman Experience

Noah Harris

Noah Harris is a first-year student representing Crimson Yard (Wigglesworth, Greenough, Pennypacker, and Hurlbut) in the council. He serves as Secretary of the Finance Committee, where he schedules finance meetings and answers questions about the grant process. Harris is passionate about fostering first-year social life and about being a voice for Crimson Yard.

Key Interests: Finances/Grants, Social Life

Conner Williams

Hey all! My name's Conner Williams, and I'm one of the UC reps from Mather House! My key goal this semester is to increase the publicity of and contribute student feedback to the UC initiatives that we pass this semester. So much awesome legislation happens, but due to the relative lack of public awareness, so little of these opportunities are used or contributed to by the students. I want to change this.

Key Interests: Student Feedback on the Council, STEM Majors Changes, Town Halls, Campus Presence

Seoyoon Kim

Hey! I'm Seoyoon, and I'm a freshman in Pennypacker representing Crimson Yard. I'm from Phoenix, Arizona, and as of now, I hope to concentrate in HDRB (human developmental and regenerative biology). As a UC rep, I hope to foster a greater sense of community, especially among the first years. One of my main priorities is ensure that students feel that their voices matter on campus, and I'll advocate for your opinions whenever we make decisions. I also want to increase the availability and quality of mental health resources, particularly for freshmen making the transition to college. I'm always open to feedback and concerns, so feel free to reach out to me - I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Key Interests: Event Planning, Mental Health, Community Building

Meg Leatherwood

Meg Leatherwood is a junior from Powdersville, South Carolina and a resident of Kirkland House. As a member of the UC Finance Committee, Meg prioritizes the general well-being of undergraduate student organizations and seeks to secure long-term sustainability for the many groups contributing to Harvard's diverse campus life.

Key Interests: Finances/Grants, Student Life, Academic Advising

Gevin Reynolds

Gevin Reynolds is a senior in Dunster House studying Neurobiology with a secondary in Government. On the Council, he is excited to represent Dunster and to serve as Chair of the Finance Committee and a member of the Black Caucus. Outside of the UC, he is involved in IMs and sits on the Board of the Black Students Association.

Key Interests: Finances/Grants, Race Relations

Grey Johnson

My name is Grey Johnson, and I live in Straus C! As a member of Ivy Yard, I'm excited to see the UC be a transparent and accessible part of student lives especially for freshman. I would like to make life in Ivy Yard, and Harvard as a whole, more enjoyable, convenient, and inclusive!

Key Interests: Education, Racial and Queer Justice

Phiroze Parasnis

My name is Phiroze Parasnis, and I am excited to be the UC Representative for Quincy House. Over the past year, I have tried to pinpoint issues that are important to the Harvard community. As your UC representative, my goal is to create a community at Quincy where everyone feels safe and accepted. I will strive to help BGLTQ, international and first-gen students better integrate into the community by advocating for Gender 101 and economic-class based workshops for more students. Moreover, I hope to fight in favor of shopping period, work to expand BoardPlus, reform opening days and create a comprehensive calendar for all Harvard comp processes. Additionally, I hope to support existing UC initiatives like free storage for all houses. I will hold office hours in the d-hall to hear about the issues that matter to you.

Key Interests: Diversity & Integration, Sexual Assault Prevention, First-Year Experience, BGLTQ and International experiences, Financial Accessibility of all Resources

Tauheed Islam

Hey everyone! My name is Tauheed and I am representing what is objectively the best House at Harvard. As a Cabot UC Rep, my mission will be to bring my House and the Quad closer together to build a stronger community on campus. I want to make Harvard a place all of us can enjoy and make the most out of, some of which includes not having to pay as much as we do for printing and laundry. If you have any questions, concerns or just want to talk, I'm just a (770-367-2429) phone call away!

Key Interests: Student Life, Event Planning, Quad Life

Victor Agbafe

Hey! My name is Victor Agbafe and I am a senior representing Dunster House. This is my fourth year on the Undergraduate Council and I am excited for some of the great initiatives and debates that the Undergraduate Council will have the chance to engage in this year. I want to focus on revamping the Undergraduate Council alumni network and implementing reforms within the Finance Committee. Most importantly, I want to spend as much time as possible getting to know my constituents and hearing their unique stories. If  you would like to ever talk about the UC or anything else feel free to email me at!

Key Interests: Finance/Grants, Event Planning, Mentorship, Mental Health, Inclusion, Education, Health, Community Building

Sanika Mahajan

Hi Harvard College! I'm Sanika Mahajan, a sophomore in Mather House likely concentrating in Social Studies with a secondary in Global Health/Health Policy. I am so excited to serve on the UC this year, and will be focused on requiring sexual assault prevention training for club leadership, increasing Title IX information for Visitas pre-frosh and for hosts of any registered parties, combatting mental health stigma and coordinating with CAMHS and peer counseling groups to offer training, aligning the new schedule and dining hall times, and a UC advocacy path students who seek support on a specific project. Outside of UC, I sing in the Radcliffe Choral Society, am in the South Asian Association, and work for Breaktime, a company combatting the cycle of youth homelessness in Harvard Square.

Key Interests: Sexaul Assault Prevention, Mental Healthcare Accessibility, Advising, Low-income and Minority Equity, Student Advocacy

Laura Sky Herman

Laura Sky Herman is a senior studying HAA, TDM, and Sociology. She is proud to represent Adams House, and is excited to work with the Education Committee. She is also a member of the Franklin Fellowship, Harvard Ballet Company, and one of the first women to join the cast of the Hasty Pudding Theatricals in nearly 200 years.

Key Interests: Education, Diversity and Inclusion, Advising, Joint Concentrations, Shopping Week

Julia Huesa

Julia Huesa is a junior from rural North Carolina, although her “home” is also in the Basque Country of Spain, where her parents are from and most of her family still lives. At Harvard, she studies Social Studies with a secondary in Global Health and Health Policy, and is active in the anti-sexual violence advocacy group Our Harvard Can Do Better and as a volunteer Spanish interpreter at the Harvard Law School Immigration and Refugee Clinic. She is interested in increasing transparency and coordination in all proceedings of the UC, as well as in creating spaces across campus where students can show up for each other with a sense of urgency.

Key Interests: Sexual Assault Prevention and Response, Student Relations, Belonging, Financial Accessibility

Dhilan Ramaprasad

Hi! I’m Dhilan! I’m a sophomore from Tennessee, and now I’m living in Mather house! If I’m not knee-deep in a pile of resistors and capacitors, you can probably find me performing with the Glee Club or eating Taco Bell. But no matter what—no matter where I am—I am always proud to let the world know that MATHER IS A GOOD HOUSE.

Key Interests: Everything education (scheduling, curriculum, liberal arts mission); videography

Jack Swanson

Hey! My name is Jack Swanson and I'm a first-year representative for Elm Yard on the Undergraduate Council. I'm from a small town in North Carolina, and I plan on concentrating in Government. I'm beyond excited to work with the UC this year to advocate for first-year issues! I'm specifically interested in how first-years fit into Harvard and how we can reform many of the structural inequities that currently exist on campus. Please reach out at anytime—I'd love to speak about whatever is on your mind!

Key Interests: First-Gen/Low-Income Advocacy, Financial Accessibility, Structural Reform, First-Year Inclusion, Social Spaces, Educational Equity