Who We Are


// The Executive

Catherine Zhang, President

Nadine Khoury, Treasurer

Sonya Kalara, Parliamentarian

Arnav Agrawal, SLC Chair

Henry Atkins, FiCom Chair

Rushi Patel, FYCC Chair

Jungyeon Park, SFC Chair

Nicholas Boucher, Vice President

Jackson Walker, Secretary

Wilfried Zibell, Rules Committee Chair

Sruthi Palaniappan, EdCom Chair

Ruiqi He, SIC Chair

Parth Thakker, Historian


// The Council

Ashish Dahal

Amanda Flores

Andréa Martinez

Andrew Pérez

Anne Raheem

Arnav Agrawal

Abby Scholer

Catherine Zhang

Cade Palmer

Eduardo Gonzalez

Emma Robertson

Evan Bonsall

Gevin Reynolds

Henry Atkins

Julia Huesa

Ify White-Thorpe

Jungyeon Park

Jackson Walker

Jordan Silva

Yu-Mi Kim

Rainbow Yeung

Luke Kenworthy

Mai-linh Ton

Ziko McLean

Kanishk Mittal

Nadine Khoury

Nicholas Boucher

Nick Wyville

Parth Thakker

Katherine Qian

Ruiqi He

Rushi Patel

Ryan Sim

Saim Raza

Sarah Fellman

Seth Billiau

Sonya Kalara

Sruthi Palaniappan

Swathi Srinivasan

Taylor Marquis

Victor Agbafe

Victoria Marquez

Wilfried Zibell

Learn more about your representatives down below!


Yu-Mi Kim ‘20     

Key Interests: Student Relations, Educational Equity, Event Planning, Finances/Grants

Along with my interest in event planning and educational equity, this semester, I plan on building up the UC's presence and accessibility within the houses. I believe student representatives should serve the interest of the represented, and this end can only be achieved through reliable and regular contact with constituencies. Beginning with my Adams House UC Meet and Greet, as well as revamped UC office hours, I am excited to work on a program that is both efficient and scalable to the other houses.                          

Ryan Sim ‘19 

Key Interests: Sexual Assault Prevention, Finances/Grants, Mental Health, Religious Groups, Racial/Cultural Identity

I'm Ryan Sim, and I'm a junior in Adams House studying Government. This coming spring semester, I'd like to continue my work on the UC Finance Committee to advocate for students to have greater access to resources. In particular, as a vice-chair of advocacy I've worked closely with the current and past committee chairs to improve campus sexual assault prevention and response. Outside of my work with the Finance Committee, I'm also involved with the Rules Committee (ensures the UC is adhering to its constitution) and the Asian American Caucus.


Ashish Dahal ‘20

Nadine Khoury ‘20 (Treasurer) 

Key Interests: Finances/Grants, Mental Health, Sexual Assault Prevention

My name is Nadine Khoury, I'm a sophomore in Cabot House born and raised Brooklyn, NY, and I'm concentrating in Bioengineering. I've served on the UC since freshman year (Crimson Yard, Greenough), specifically working in the Finance Committee to help fund student organizations each week. Currently I serve as UC Treasurer and representative for Cabot house (Semper Cor!). Aside from managing the UC's budget and grant distributions, I'm interested in igniting new initiatives to strengthen campus community and belonging.

Saim Raza ‘19 

Key Interests: Finances/Grants, Mental Health

Saim Raza, Cabot House. I want to work with the Finance Committee and the Student Leadership Committee to support student voices and decisions to improve life on this campus.


Sonya Kalara ‘21 (Parlimentarian)

Ify White-Thorpe ‘21


Amanda Flores ‘20

Ziko McLean ‘18 

For this semester, I would like to help establish the CollegeXChange, a website that makes selling student items easy, for Harvard students, and to also start doggy office hours in the Quad Houses!

Key Interests: Event Planning, Mental Health

Anne Raheem ‘19


Victor Agbafe ‘19 

Key Interests: Polling, Mental Health, Event outreach, Racial/cultural outreach

Hey! My name is Victor Agbafe and I am a junior representing Dunster House. I have been on the UC since fall of 2015 and I have done most of my work on the Student Relations Committee. This spring I hope to work on implementing a polling initiative and a bike sharing program; as well as, advocating on behalf of various cultural initiatives. Within Dunster House, I hope to advocate for resources for enhanced brain breaks and student art. If there are ever any campus related issues that I can assist you in solving or provide information on feel free to email me at Victoragbafe@college.harvard.edu!

Andrea Martinez ‘20

Gevin Reynolds ‘19 

Key Interests: Finances/Grants, Race Relations

Gevin Reynolds is a junior representing Dunster House. This semester, he is looking forward to continuing his work on the Finance Committee and to, above all, advocating on behalf of his constituents.


Arnav Agrawal ‘20 (Student Life Committee Chair) 

Key Interests: Mental Health, Sexual Assault Prevention, Event Planning, Educational Equity, Advising

Taylor Marquis ‘18 

Key Interests: Student/Faculty Committees, Student Life (Financial Accessibility, Dining Services, Event Planning, etc.), Student Group Grants

Hey there! I’m Taylor Marquis, a third year Eliot House Representative. I have lots of experience on the Finance and Student Life Committees, and I chaired the Student / Faculty Committees, last year. It’s no secret that social life at Harvard is undergoing a period of rapid transformation. In my last semester at the College, I plan to focus on issues pertaining to social life and their associated physical spaces on campus. I will continue to support student projects, like an online textbook exchange and a dorm-sharing site, that will make Harvard more financially accessible to all. Please reach out if you’d like to talk!

Nick Wyville ‘20 

Key Interests: First-generation and low-income advocacy, financial aid, education.

Nick Wyville is a sophomore living in Eliot House. He is concentrating in sociology, with a specific interest in Southern politics and civil rights. Being a first generation college student, Nick is interested in working on issues pertaining to first-generation and low-income students at the college. He hopes to continue his work in the education committee to create helpful guides and tips for incoming students, while also making Harvard a more welcome place for all students.


Emma Robertson ‘21 

This semester I have been instrumental in establishing UC's Mental Health Matters Week, which can hopefully grow into an annual event incorporating increased discussion and education regarding mental health on campus. Additionally, I helped with the UC's effort to provide free menstrual products to all residential buildings. As an active member on the Student Life Committee, I also aid in different measures on the Student Life Committee in varying degrees. My primary focus while being on the UC concerns improving mental health services, awareness, and accessibility on campus. This includes educating professors and TFs, so hopefully classrooms can become more supportive and accommodating to students when facing mental health issues. Overall, my goal is responding to any student concerns relating to ways Harvard can become a more accessible and inclusive environment. Recently welcomed into the Currier community, I look forward to responding to the primary concerns of fellow Currier residents in the fall.

Rushi Patel ‘21 (First Year Class Committee Chair) 

Key Interests: Mental Health; Intercollegiate Collaboration

My name is Rushi, and I am from Crimson Yard. The mental health of students should not be restricted in any capacity by the level of access they are granted to resources available on campus. I want to work to mold a program by which all students have better access to existing mental health programs. Also, I am a firm believer of the synergistic nature of diverse collaboration; consequently, I want to construct an intercollegiate platform, a medium through which innovative student initiatives across the nation can be shared.

Jackson Walker ‘21 (Secretary) 

Key Interests: Campus Communication, Gender Training, Diversity Training, Multicultural Center

I'm really focused on making sure that the pilot for the gender 101 trainings are followed through. The legislation passed in the fall was only the first step; continuing to follow through is crucial to making real improvements on this campus. In addition, I'm really motivated to work on creating better requirements for the global health and health policy concentration on campus. As they stand now, they limit the depth a student can take when trying to become more well versed in any one specific topic area. I am actively working with the standing committee to ensure that progress is made within the near future.


Seth Billau ‘21 

Key Interests: Finances/Grants, Mental Health, Sexual Assault Prevention, Yard Improvements

My name is Seth Billiau from Grand Rapids, Michigan, and I am proud to represent Ivy Yard. Though officially undeclared, I am tentatively planning on concentrating in applied math. Outside of the UC, I sing in Collegium and participate in dorm intramural sports with my friends from Hollis. Serving as the finance committee vice-chair of data and first-year class committee treasurer this past semester, I co-coordinated the UC-CARE sexual assault prevention program, educating student leaders from over 35 student groups on campus about the importance of sexual assault prevention. I also worked hard to make the past three years of UC finance committee grant data public on the UC website and managed the freshman class committee's $10,000 budget. This coming semester, I hope to improve yard services by putting ironing boards in several first-year dorms, improve and expand the UC-CARE sexual assault prevention program, continue working with Student Mental Health Liaisons to ensure they receive the funding they need, and optimize the UC finance committee's budget in order to minimize cuts and encourage more student groups to apply.

Swathi Srinivasan ‘21 

Key Interests: Educational Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, Affordability of Resources, Student-Professor Relations, Finances/Grants, Arts

Hey! I'm Swathi, and I'm a first-year student living in Mass Hall (go Ivy Yard!). Within the UC, my interests range from specific projects such as textbook/printing affordability, free feminine hygiene products, and representing first-year art, to long-term projects surrounding educational equity, student-professor relations, and diversity/inclusion on campus. I am a member of the Finance, Education, Student Life, and First-Year Class Committees on the UC, so feel free to reach out with any questions/concerns you may have regarding these subjects or beyond! I'm also happy to talk classic rock, Vogue fashion, neuroscience, public health, or even rant about gentrification in America should you so please...Anyhow, I'm excited for this coming semester and hope to help make it a fun and inclusive one!

Wilfried Zibell ‘21 (Rules Committee Chair) 

Key Interests: Workers'/Students' Rights, Campus Democracy, Financial Accessibility, LGBTQ+ Rights, First-Year Experience.

Wilfried J.K. Zibell '21, Ivy Yard Representative and Rules Chair. I am passionate about helping the UC promote workplace and campus democracy, as well as helping ensure First-Year students are represented at every level of the council.


Parth Thakker ‘19 (Historian)

Mailinh Ton ‘19 

Key Interests: First-Gen/Low-Income, Financial Accessibility, Education Equity, Advising

Last semester, I worked with various upperclassmen, staff, and faculty to have a community dinner for first-year students whose parents were unable to attend Freshman Family Weekend. We're super pleased that we'll be seeing this as an event that will be held during every Freshman Family Weekend henceforth. We hope that this helped students' transitions into their first semester and feelings of belonging. This semester, I would like to continue working on First-Generation & Low-Income students' issues and improve feelings of student-belonging on campus. Please reach out to me if you have ideas on what we as the UC can do to improve student life on campus!


Kanishk Mittal ‘19

Ruiqi He ‘19 (Student Initiatives Committee Chair) 

Key Interests: Event Planning, Finances/Grants

My name is Ruiqi, I'm a junior in Leverett, and I study Economics and Theater, Dance, & Media. I would love to continue work on social events & initiatives open to the whole school. I find event-planning super fun, so I'm looking forward to organizing events (Club 1636, for example) which brings the school together in unique spaces. I'm also very invested in GoHC (Grant to Open Harvard College), which funds student groups or individual students on campus on their ideas for new initiatives for the campus.


Julia Huesa ‘20 

Key Interests: Anti-Sexual Violence Advocacy, Educational Equity/Access, Inclusion & Belonging

Julia is a sophomore from a small town in rural North Carolina living in Lowell. Here at Harvard, she is concentrating in Social Studies with a secondary in Global Health and Health Policy, and is active as a PAF, as an interpreter for the Harvard Immigration and Refugee Clinic, and as a member of Our Harvard Can Do Better. This semester she hopes to explore and implement avenues for increasing communication between constituents and the UC.

Jungyeon Park ‘20 (Student Faculty Committee Chair) 

Key Interests: Student-Faculty Committees, Event Planning, Representation, Diversity, International Students

Hello, my name is Jungyeon Park, and I represent Lowell House on the Undergraduate Council. As a current sophomore, I have been on the Undergraduate Council for two years now. As a member of the Undergraduate Council, I hope to work to increase the diversity on campus, including a more balanced and diverse faculty.


Luke Kenworthy ‘21

Abby Scholer ‘21 

Key Interests: Gender Equity, Finances/Grants, Identity Inclusion, Mental Health, Educational Equity.

Born in Cincinnati but raised in the South, Abby Scholer is a first-year rep residing in Canaday. Representing Oak Yard, she serves as Vice Chair of the Student Initiatives Committee. On the UC this semester, Abby hopes to spearhead the initiative to make Harvard’s restrooms gender-neutral and gender-inclusive while working on projects dedicated to mental health and educational equity. When not occupied with having no idea about her concentration, she enjoys building Play-Doh sculptures and tracking down sources of sustenance that are not CVS.

Jordan Silva ‘21 

Key Interests: Event Organizing, Grants, Freshman Events, Racial/Ethnic Equality

My name is Jordan Silva and I am a resident of Matthews in Elm Yard. I would like to increase awareness among the student body of the many grants that the UC offers, especially in the Financial Committee. I hope to do this through increased advertising methods and making sure UC sponsored events are presented as such. This semester, I would also like to focus on strengthening the relationship between the UC and the student body.


Eduardo Gonzalez ‘18

Andrew Perez ‘20


Victoria Marquez ‘20

Cade Palmer ‘20 

Key Interests: Affordability, Accessibility, Social Life, Well-Being, Belonging, Quad Life and Hot Breakfast

A representative of Pforzheimer House, Cade is a Government concentrator pursuing a secondary in Economics. On the UC, he prioritizes the general well-being of students on campus and is focused on making Harvard as much like a state-school as possible. In addition to making Harvard generally more fun, he focuses on issues such as the excessive prices of textbooks and printing, increasing printing resources across campus, accessibility to dorm materials, revitalizing shuttle schedules, and working to provide hot breakfast in the dining halls again.

Rainbow Yeung ‘19 

Key Interests: Sexual Harassment/Assualt Prevention, Student Initiatives, House Committee

Laan (Rainbow) Yeung is a Junior from Pforzheimer House. As a UC rep, Rainbow would like to tackle issues relating to sexual harassment/assault on campus through multiple student-led initiatives in partnership with the Title IX & OSAPR offices. Aside from that, Rainbow hopes to help with student initiated projects through her role as a member in Student Life Committee.


Sarah Fellman ‘19 

Key Interests: Sexual Assault Prevention and Response, BGLTQ+, gender, and race-based equity and inclusion, Mental Health

Hi! My name is Sarah Fellman, I'm a junior in Quincy studying government, ant I'm proud to be your 2017-2018 Quincy House rep! I'm ran for UC because I believe that by working with people on already doing important work on the ground across campus, the UC can be a partner in creating important change on campus. To do that, I've worked to push Harvard to be better and to improve communication between the UC and the student body and identity and advocacy groups on campus. This semester, I will continue working with the Title IX Office to improve sexual assault prevention and response, continue working with the Graduate Student Union to improve conditions for everyone on campus, continue advocating for BGLTQ members of our community with the queer caucus, and continue to work to improve communication between the council and the student body.

Kathy Qian ‘20 

Key Interests: Ethnic Studies, Mental Health, Arts and Culture

My name is Katherine Qian and I'm a sophomore in Quincy House studying History and Literature and Computer Science. I'm from Calgary, Alberta, Canada and as part of the UC, I'm primarily interested in working on creating a physical space for inclusion and belonging as well as on ethnic studies at Harvard. Things I like include heavy rain, 0.38mm pens, and frying eggs on nonstick frying pans.


Henry Atkins ‘20 (Finance Committee Chair) 

Key Interests: Educational equity regardless of identity, Sexual assault prevention, Finances/grants

Hi! Whoever you are, I hope Harvard is a place that helps you learn and grow. Personally, I count myself a product of two places. The first is New Brighton, Pennsylvania, a town of 6,000 in Western Pennsylvania where I was raised on a small farm. The second is Grand Rapids, Michigan, the state’s second-largest city and my home since 2013. A member of the Class of 2020, I live in Winthrop House and serve as Finance Committee Chairman. In particular, I'm excited this semester to continue improving our sexual assault prevention initiative, which has caused hundreds of students to receive bystander intervention training.

Evan Bonsall ‘19

Key Interests: First Gen & Low-Income Students, Sexual Assault Prevention, UC Rules & Endorsements

I grew up in a rural small town in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. I was elected to the UC freshman year, representing Matthews, Grays, and Weld, and I've represented Winthrop on the UC for two years now. Over the past three years, I've passed legislation to fund the ping pong table in Grays Common Room and a pilot program to provide free menstrual hygiene products in several Houses. I also helped write UC rules that have required hundreds of student group leaders to get sexual assault bystander intervention training, established the UC's First Generation & Low-Income Caucus, and helped convince the administration to fund a pre-orientation program for First Gen and low-income students and give the UC the power to recognize new student organizations. This semester I plan to keep working on these issues and to keep trying to make everyday life at Harvard a little bit better for everyone.

Sruthi Palaniappan ‘20 (Education Committee Chair)