The President & Vice President


We're Sruthi and Julia, and we are your 2018-19 Undergraduate Council President and Vice President.

​The strength of this institution lies in the diversity of experience and thought that we bring. Yet Harvard does not feel like home for many of us. Our aim is to change this.

A fundamental principle of our vision for the UC is recognizing and fully engaging the role that communities play on our campus, whether they are pre-orientation programs, cultural groups, or section discussions. This is why we are dedicated to accessibility for all students and student groups in education, social spaces, and our community. Our work has, and will continue to, focus on a UC that intentionally incorporates everyone and advocates for all.

Our leadership philosophy is about listening first, so please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or suggestions to We are looking forward to working with you all this coming year!

Let's Make Harvard Home Together,

Sruthi & Julia