The Undergraduate Council funds all student groups at Harvard College. If you are a member of an officially-recognized student group, please read below to learn how to get funding through grants from the UC.


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Grant Application


The completed project form will be emailed to you after your grant has been accepted


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// FAQs

All official student groups are eligible for funding.

Events that occur during shopping period, reading period, and finals will not be funded.

The UC’s Finance Committee is charged with the administration of the grants fund.

Upon submission of an application, all grant applicants are invited to an interview. Student groups will interview with two committee members, and those members will then make a funding recommendation to the whole committee.

The committee votes on each grant amount, and then compiles all grants recommendations from that week into a grants pack. This grants pack is then sent to the full Council, which must vote on it before funds are distributed.

After approval by the Council, upfront grants are cut by the Treasurer and distributed. Upfront grant recipients must file a Completed Project Form within 21 days after the event, and submit the form along with receipts to the Finance Committee.

Unlike upfront grants, retroactive grants are cut only after submission of the Completed Project Form and receipts. We require all Retroactive Grant Applicants apply for funding after their events have occurred and come to their interviews with their Completed Project Form and receipts compiled in order to expedite the funding process.

You can submit receipts through your online grant status portal, which is linked to in your confirmation emails.

Preferred documentation are actual receipts. We will accept bank statements that clearly delineate all valid purchases. Furthermore, all printing costs must have receipts as well, which can be obtained from a Harvard Papercut account, FedEx Kinkos, or Gnomon Copy.

Any discrepancies found during reconciliation will result in a loss of funding and request for remittance.

// Contacts

Finance Committee Secretary

Gevin Reynolds

For any questions about UC grants, please contact Gevin at!

UC Treasurer

Nadine Khoury

For questions about receiving payment from the UC once a grant has been awarded, contact Nadine at