Harvard Conversations


Harvard Conversations is a student-run program that facilitates candid and informal student-faculty interaction through a series of catered dinner conversations.

These faculty facilitated dinners will unite an interdisciplinary array of students to discuss topics ranging from identity politics to neuro-lingualism to the undergraduate student experience. We hope that both students and faculty will bring their unique perspectives and multitude of experiences to the table, learning much from each other throughout these conversations.

The conversations will be hosted every Monday and Wednesday evening from 6-7:30 PM. Each dinner will typically accommodate 10-12 students and one faculty member in a house common room, ensuring the dinner is conversational and not lecture-like. These dinners will rotate neighborhoods, but stay at the same house within the neighborhood to limit confusion. This would mean that we would work with four houses, one in each neighborhood.  

The mission of Harvard Conversations is to create a dynamic community characterized by vigorous discussion of current educational and global issues. Using the inspiration and guidance provided by faculty members, Harvard Conversations seeks to catalyze meaningful dialogue and interdisciplinary learning among faculty and students alike.

Through a series of informal dinners, we hope these conversations will enhance intellectual and ethical awareness in its participants for taking principled action in this rapidly transforming, multicultural world.

Havard Conversations has concluded for the 2018 Spring semester. Please check back in Fall 2018 for the next semester's programming!